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Issue 7 - July
Volume 9 - 2024

Issue 6 - June
Volume 9 - 2024

Issue 5 - May
Volume 9 - 2024

Issue 4 - April
Volume 9 - 2024

Issue 3 - March
Volume 9 - 2024



The Role of Alleviate Oxidative Stress of Oxytocin in The Neurodegenerative Disorders

Author Name : Hasan A. M. M. Almansoub; Rowdh Almansoob



On Generalization Property of Is -Open Sets in Ideal Topological Semigroups

Author Name : Amin Saif; Abdo Q. M. Alrefai



Synthesis and Study the Structure, Morphological and Optical Properties For TiO2-Al2O3-La2O3Prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition

Author Name : Sameerah S. S. Alqadasy; S. Q. Chishty; Hakim Q. N. M. Al-arique; Elyas Sadeq Al-Aghbari; Niyazi A. S. Al-Areqi



Perovskite Solar Cells (PSCs): Definition, Structure, and Solar Cells Development

Author Name : Fuad Saleh; Zakarya A.M. Hazaea; Ammar Ghaleb; Farida Murshed



Implications of Changing the Cd-Ge-Se Thin Film Thickness Deposited by Thermal Evaporation Technique on Structural and Optical Properties for Optoelectronic Applications

Author Name : Abdel-naser A. Alfaqeer; A.M. Al-Rebati; M. A. Dabban



The Prevalence of G6PD Deficiency and its Associated Factors Among the National University Students in the Middle Province (Ibb City), Yemen

Author Name : Abdullah Abdulgabber Ahmed Al-alimi; Abdullah Abdulgabber Ahmed Al-alimi; Amen Faisal Ahmed Albaadani



The Impact of Occupational Health and Safety Systems on Employees\\\\\\\' Performance in Yemen\\\\\\\'s Oil and Gas Companies (A Case Study of PetroMasila Company)

Author Name : Marwan Al-Harrani; Abdurahman Al-Sufyani



Batch Electrochemical Production of Sodium Hypochlorite : Ph Change and Influence of Alkalinity

Author Name : Ziad Abdo; Akrm Ali; Niyazi A. S. Al-Areqi; Mohammed Abduljalil; Riya Qaid Alansi



The Prevalence of Sickle Cell Trait Among School Students Males and Females in Taiz City-Yemen

Author Name : Abdullah AbdulGabbar Ahmed Al-alimi; Safia Ali Saad; Marwa Bassam; Rofaida Ameen; Afnan Abu Baker; Abrar Hassan; Osama Lotf; Akram Salah Al-Mugahles; Galal F.Albani



Study on Phase Stability of Mn (IV) Doped Bismuth Vanadate and its Visible - Light Photocatalytic Activity for Degradation of Organic Dye

Author Name : Najwa Obaid; Niyazi A. S. Al–Areqi



Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Dyes in Aqueous Media Under Visible - Light Irradiation Using Aurivillius – Type Bicrvox Catalysts: Development of New Efficient Photocatalysts for Environmental Applications

Author Name : Samar W.A.Al-Badani; Afraah M.A. Alfaatesh; Niyazi A.S. Al– Areqi



Investigation of Formation of Cold Liver Oil/Water Microemulsion in the Presence of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide (CTAB) and Lauryl Alcohol (LA)

Author Name : Sami Alnaqeeb; Sameh A.S. Alariqi; Niyazi A. S. Al-Areqi; Tariq.M.H.Abdulslam



Elemental Analysis of Some Vegetables Cultivated in Delta Tuban, Lahej Governorate –Yemen

Author Name : Adel A. M. Saeed; Mubarak S. M. Bazuqamah; Othman S. S. Al-Hoshabi



Comparison of Different Number of Beams in Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer

Author Name : Khaled Saeed Sallam; Sohir Mahmoud El Kholy; Mostafa Aly El Naggar; Fatma Ismael Nasr; Walla Taman



On Coefficient Estimates for New Subclasses of q-Bi-Spirallike Functions

Author Name : Read. S. A. Qahtan



Total Productivity Growth in the Private Universities in Republic of Yemen Using Malmquist Productivity Index

Author Name : Akram Sufian Mohammed Budair



The Effect of Changing Q-factor on the Stability Response of Active-R Filter using Op-amps

Author Name : Adnan Abdullah Qasem; G. N. Shinde



In-vitro Anti-Urolithiatic Activity of some Yemeni Medicinal Plants Extracts

Author Name : Marwa F.M.S. Atef; Abdul Rahman A. Bin Yahya; Adel A.M. Saeed



Generation of Generalized Spiraling Bessel Beams by The Illumination A Curved Fork-Shaped Hologram with New Hollow Laser Beam

Author Name : Faroq Saad; Abdelmajid Belafhal



Study of Physiochemical Properties of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide (CTAB) Surfactant: its Micellization, Almond Oil Water Emulsification and Industrial Applications

Author Name : Fahmiyah Kh.H.Ba-alawy; Yasamin S.M.Alodainy; Niyazi A. S. Al-Areqi



Study of Physiochemical Properties of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Surfactant: it\'s Micellization, Oil in Water Emulsification and Industrial Applications

Author Name : Dina Murshed; Fuad Saleh; Niyazi A. S. Al-Areqi; Nermeen Al-Absi



Development of A Spectrophotometric Method with Enhanced Sensitivity for the Determination of Nitrate Contamination in Vegetables

Author Name : Dr. Abdulqawi Ahmed Numan; Mahfoudh Mohammed Al-Hamadi; Mansour S. A. Galil; Anass Ali Al-Nedhary; Fares Ghaleb; Sadam A. Alqadhi



Extraction and Characterization of Lipase Enzymes from Bacillus Cereus (MS6) and their Medical & Industrial Applications

Author Name : Mohammed Mohammed Abdu Al-Zazaee; Mawhob. M. M. Abdu, Doaa Ahmed Mahmoud; Abdul-Aziz Ahmed Mohammed Abdu



Thermal Treatment of Natural Carbonate Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Yemeni Jatropha Oil

Author Name : Rokhsana Mohammed Ismail; Amal Mohammed Ahmed



The heat and mass transfer of a steady three dimensional natural convection flow of a viscous incompressible fluid

Author Name : test, test, test,test