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Issue 9 - September
Volume 5 - 2020

Issue 8 - August
Volume 5 - 2020

Issue 7 - July
Volume 5 - 2020

Issue 6 - June
Volume 5 - 2020

Issue 5 - May
Volume 5 - 2020



Mathematical Programming Models in Planning of Optimum Agricultural Production in a Region – A Review

Author Name : K. Manimegalai, Arathi Sudarshan, Anita Chaturvedi.



Mathematical Modeling and Politics: An Overview

Author Name : Priya Satish, Anita Chaturvedi, Kokila Ramesh.



A Review On Forecasting Indian Monsoon Rainfall

Author Name : Dr Kokila Ramesh, Kumudha H R.



Simultaneous Effects of Primary and Secondary Toxicants on the Existence of Two competing Populations in an Aquatic Ecosystem: A Mathematical Analysis

Author Name : Anita Chaturvedi, Vatsala G.A, O. P Misra, Babitha B S.



Review on Mathematical Modelling in Water Pollution

Author Name : Ayesha, Anita Chaturvedi, Vatsala G.A.



Projective Change between Two Subclasses of (a,b)-Metrics

Author Name : Ramesha M, Narasimhamurthy S K.



A Review - Mathematical Modelling on Water Pollution and Its Effects on Aquatic Species

Author Name : Salma Siddiqua, Anita Chaturvedi, Radha Gupta.



Conformal Kropina-Randers Change of Finsler Space with (a,b)-Metric of Douglas Type

Author Name : Ramesha M, Veeresh Malagi, Narasimhamurthy S. K.



Study on Simplex Method and Design & Development of Application for Solving Simplex Problem using Python

Author Name : R Vrishab Jain, Vishal Patil, Radha Gupta, Ravinder Singh Kuntal.



A Review on Ground Water Pollution – An Environmental Concern

Author Name : Suresha. R, Dr. S R Sudheendra, Vimala T, Dr. Namitha R.